Thursday, February 3, 2011

COMING SOON: Swim Ignorant Fire - Last Days (ds007)

COMING SOON: Last Days, the latest and matures work to date from experimental act Swim Ignorant Fire, features lush, ambient instrumentals of shimmering protean guitar; a bird’s nest of sonic air paint evoking the damaged fuzz of artists such as Thrones and Papa M as well as the skeletal drone studies of Stars of the Lid and Mogwai. A prostile suggestionnaire, like the changing of the leaves in autumn, Last Days comes a full year after the split CDEP with GK on God Sags His Pants Records. A journey into the cadillac heart of Midwest shoegaze packaged in standard jewel case with handmade cyanotype cover. Hand-numbered. Ltd 75. The first 5 copies packaged in jewel case with handmade, acid-soaked cyanotype cover as well as a bonus disc of material featuring two tracks from a split with Count Brent and one previously unreleased track. This will be released VERY SOON.

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