Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dangerous Sounds/Challah Records - Spring 2017 Discography

ds001 -   Our Very Own s/t     CD-R [Ltd. 50]
ds002 -   Mee-Krah Pure Milk Shrine     CD-R [Ltd. 20]
ds003 -   Our Very Own/Boy with Machine Split     CD-R [Ltd. 12]
ds004 -   NRYY Kemuri     CD-R [Ltd. 12]
ds005 -   Boar/Dotabata Split     CD-R [Ltd. 20] [SOLD OUT]
ds006 -   NRYY/Invisible Waves Split     CD-R [Ltd. 14]
ds007 -   Swim Ignorant Fire Last Days     CD-R [Ltd. 75]  [SOLD OUT]
ds007a - Swim Ignorant Fire Last Days Deluxe Edition CD-R [Ltd. 5] [SOLD OUT]
ds008 -   Our Very Own Guitarblues     CD-R [Ltd. 10]
ds009 -   Mee-Krah Anarchy in the Ukraine     CD-R [Ltd. 9]
ds010 -   Our Very Own Borealis     CD-R [Ltd. 6]
ds012 -   Our Very Own/NRYY Split     CD-R [Ltd. 6]
ds013 -   Mee-Krah Drunk on the Scent of Metallic Strings     CD-R [Ltd. 13]
ds014 -   Our Very Own Deft Nova    CD-R [Ltd. 14]
ds015 -   Our Very Own Our Very Own 2     CD-R [Ltd. 2]
ds017 -   Amputer s/t     C-46 [Ltd. 25]
ds018 -   Boar Award Winning Facelift     CD-R [Ltd. 30]
ds020 -   Bruce the Cougar Wilson Chains & Hermes     CD-R [Ltd. 100]
ds021 -   Morpeth Empty Inside     CD-R [Ltd. 29]
cr001 -   The Cobra DJs Syntax     CD-R [Ltd. 30]
cr002 -   L. Nariz Secondary Alignment     CD-R [Ltd. 49]

Still to come:

ds011 - Bruce the Cougar Wilson Theology In Motion (word-core)
ds016 - V/A Two Southern Poets (word-core)
ds019 - Mutations of Thursday Don't Fall Off: The Sessions (progressive grunge)
ds022 - Arms Full of Friends Night Time Sleep Aid (noise-rock)
ds023 - Bruce the Cougar Wilson Guinea Pig: An American Album (spoken word)
ds024 - Mutations of Thursday A Reaction to Real Life: B-Sides of Thursday (progressive grunge)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

L. Nariz Secondary Alignment cr002 - The Reissue Joint!

ARTIST: L. Nariz
TITLE: Secondary Alignment
$7ppd USA
$10ppd World

We are proud to announce the re-release of Secondary Alignment, the debut mini-album of instrumental avant/electronic-sleaze by New Orleans act L. Nariz.  To commemorate the 5th anniversary of this EP we have pressed an additional 40 copies.  For those who missed out the first time, here is your chance to own a piece of underground-outsider muzik, an unheralded classic of our times!  For fans of: The Beta Band, Postal Service, Suicide, Crystal Castles, Ladytron.  Packaged in standard jewel case.  Hand-numbered.  $7ppd USA $10ppd World.  Paypal:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bruce the Cougar Wilson - Chains & Hermes ds020 OUT NOW!

ARTIST: Bruce the Cougar Wilson
TITLE: Chains & Hermes
$7ppd USA $10ppd World

Chains & Hermes: The second full-length release of envelope-pushing spoken word from Bruce the Cougar Wilson, the same artist responsible for The Cobra DJs and Mutations of Thursday.  Nearly a full hour of med-fi, eccentric word-core for the excessively cultured.  Arkansas wildman Bruce the Cougar Wilson goes moontripping with hot microphones, accenting prose with synth-noodling and thrummed death-blues.  Bringing a comic book life to the Bruce the Cougar Wilson persona, Chains & Hermes succeeds as a thoroughly engaging Nintendo-punk affair with instrumental passages, comedic sketches and serious eco-political musings.  Fans of Slim Moon, Suicide, Sonic Youth and Jello Biafra will no doubt appreciate the brutal wit and whimsical debauchery of Chains and Hermes.  Packaged in standard jewel case.  Ltd 100.  Hand-numbered.  Paypal:

$7ppd USA
$10ppd World

Morpeth - Empty Inside ds021 OUT NOW!

ARTIST: Morpeth
TITLE: Empty Inside
$7ppd USA $10ppd World

The sound of the Polish heartland.  Empty Inside is a stylish, architectural mix of metallic harsh noise and industrial drone from Polish act Morpeth.  A barren, dark ambient world informed more by urban decay than by the creatures of the night, Empty Inside features incendiary electronics augmented by cold ambient piano and synth melodies.  Eerie, minimalist and unforgiving.  Recorded and produced in 2010.  Packaged in standard jewel case.  Hand-numbered.  Ltd. 29.  $7ppd usa $10ppd world.  Paypal:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Update Fall/Winter 2014

Coming this Fall/Winter 2014:

We're hard at work putting the finishing touches on the following releases-

ds011 - Bruce the Cougar Wilson Theology In Motion (word-core)
ds016 - V/A Two Southern Poets (word-core)
ds019 - Mutations of Thursday Don't Fall Off: The Sessions (progressive grunge)
ds020 - Bruce the Cougar Chains & Hermes (word-core)
ds021 - Morpeth Empty Inside (harsh noise/drone)

Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


While Supplies Last!!!


TITLE: Kemuri

CATALOG: ds004

DESC: Cutting-edge Japanoise for your next easy-listening party!  The explosive noisedelic full-length Kemuri (roughly translated from Japanese as "smoke") by harshtronics master NRYY comes packaged in a standard jewel case with handmade cyanotype cover with faux metallic accent.  At times dense and swirling, Kemuri erupts with a mix of post-industrial fuzz and damaged techno; achingly harsh and piercing.  For fans of: Merzbow, Nine Inch Nails, Incapacitants, Solmania, Aube, Boar.  Hand numbered.

$3ppd USA
$5ppd World


Cum on feel our noize.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boar - Award Winning Facelift ds018 OUT NOW!!!

TITLE: Award Winning Facelift
GENRE: harsh noise/power electronics

Stellar release from one of the premier noise-core acts out of the Midwest.  Featuring rare compilation tracks and previously unreleased material, Award Winning Facelift showcases Boar’s signature brand of blistering power electronics and microphone terrorism.  A few tracks were recorded some time ago and are just now seeing the light of day, and we here at Dangerous Sounds are privileged to offer them for the first time.  Award Winning Facelift also features 2 tracks from the Year of the Bison (FCR-029) full length, initially released in 2010 through Felt Cat Records and critically acclaimed on numerous underground muzik blogs. Sure to appeal to fans of Masonna, Robochanman, Incapacitants & Hijokaidan, Award Winning Facelift comes packaged in a standard jewel case with a handmade Van Dyke brown cover. Advanced promos serviced to college stations in the following markets: Iowa, Michigan, Washington, Texas and Louisiana.  Ltd 30.