Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bruce the Cougar Wilson - Chains & Hermes ds020 OUT NOW!

ARTIST: Bruce the Cougar Wilson
TITLE: Chains & Hermes
$7ppd USA $10ppd World

Chains & Hermes: The second full-length release of envelope-pushing spoken word from Bruce the Cougar Wilson, the same artist responsible for The Cobra DJs and Mutations of Thursday.  Nearly a full hour of med-fi, eccentric word-core for the excessively cultured.  Arkansas wildman Bruce the Cougar Wilson goes moontripping with hot microphones, accenting prose with synth-noodling and thrummed death-blues.  Bringing a comic book life to the Bruce the Cougar Wilson persona, Chains & Hermes succeeds as a thoroughly engaging Nintendo-punk affair with instrumental passages, comedic sketches and serious eco-political musings.  Fans of Slim Moon, Suicide, Sonic Youth and Jello Biafra will no doubt appreciate the brutal wit and whimsical debauchery of Chains and Hermes.  Packaged in standard jewel case.  Ltd 100.  Hand-numbered.  Paypal: dangeroussoundsrecs@hotmail.com

$7ppd USA
$10ppd World
PAYPAL: dangeroussoundsrecs@hotmail.com

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