Monday, August 15, 2011

Discography/Catalog August 2011 - Summer Sale!!!


Upcoming Releases:

(ds006) NRYY/Invisible Waves Split C-50 (Japanese-Finnish harsh noise)*
(ds011) Bruce the Cougar Theology In Motion (spoken word/experimental)
(ds016) V/A Two Southern Poets CD-R (spoken word)
(ds018) Ammonite Seven Stepper CD-R (ambient drone-metal)
(ds019) Our Very Own Our Very Own 3 CD-R (minimalism/drone)
(ds020) Mee-Krah New Pleasures/Improvisations on a Theme (harsh noise)
(ds021) Mee-Krah Shriek Shriek Shriek (harsh noise)
(ds022) Our Very Own Southern Electric CD-R (ambient-folk)
(ds023) Morpeth Empty Inside (Polish harsh noise/drone)

*cassette reissue

Still Available:

(ds001) Our Very Own s/t CD-R $3/$5
(ds002) Mee-Krah Pure Milk Shrine CD-Single $3/$5
(ds003) Our Very Own/Boy with Machine Split CDEP $3/$5
(ds004) NRYY Kemuri CD-R $3/$5
(ds006) NRYY/Invisible Waves Split CD-R $3/$5
(ds007) Swim Ignorant Fire Last Days CD-R (
(ds008) Our Very Own Guitarblues CD-Single $3/$5
(ds009) Mee-Krah Anarchy in the Ukraine CDEP $3/$5
(ds010) Our Very Own Borealis CD-Single $3/$5
(ds012) Our Very Own/NRYY Split CDEP $3/$5
(ds013) Mee-Krah Drunk on the Scent of Metallic Strings CDEP $3/$5
(ds014) Our Very Own Deft Nova CDEP $3/$5
(ds015) Our Very Own Our Very Own 2 CDEP $3/$5
(ds017) Amputer Cybecology C-46 $2/$5

All prices post paid USA/World


Still Available:

(cr001) The Cobra DJs Syntax CD-R $3/$5
(cr002) L. Nariz Secondary Alignment CDEP $3/$5

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Cum on feel our noize!

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