Thursday, March 24, 2011

OUT NOW: Swim Ignorant Fire - Last Days CD -R (ds007)

Dangerous Sounds/Challah Records is proud to present Last Days, the latest and maturest work to date from experimental act Swim Ignorant Fire. Last Days features lush, ambient instrumentals of shimmering protean guitar; a bird’s nest of sonic air paint evoking the damaged fuzz of artists such as Thrones and Papa M as well as the skeletal drone studies of Stars of the Lid, Yume Bitsu and Mogwai. A prostile suggestionnaire, like the changing of the leaves in autumn, Last Days comes a full year after the split CDEP with GK on God Sags His Pants Records. A journey into the cadillac heart of Midwest shoegaze packaged in standard jewel case with handmade cyanotype cover. Hand-numbered. Ltd 75. The first 5 copies packaged in jewel case with handmade, acid-soaked cyanotype cover as well as a bonus disc of material featuring two tracks from a split with Count Brent and one previously unreleased track. Essential listening for any drone-ambient enthusiast.


April 11th:
CD Release Show!!
@ Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
w/Health & Beauty

April 21st:
w/Family Underground
Neil Jendon
The Subtraction

April 22nd:
New Day /// New Music
w/ Sunglasses & Hastas

May 23rd:
The Whistler - Chicago, IL
w/ Polymer Slug, Good Night & Good Morning

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