Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dangerous Sounds/Challah Records Update: New Releases 2011

Spring is a time of birth and fertility, when the earth is filled with the chaos of the animal kingdom. Celebrate with some new noise from Dangerous Sounds/Challah Records!

Spring/Summer 2011 Release Dates:


ds007 Swim Ignorant Fire - Last Days CD-R (ambient/shoegaze) Ltd. 75

ds012 Our Very Own/NRYY - Split CDEP (drone/harsh noise) Ltd. 6


ds014 Our Very Own - Deft Nova CDEP (ambient/minimalism) Ltd.14


ds016 Two Southern Poets - Two Southern Poets CDEP (spoken word) Ltd.16


ds011 Bruce the Cougar - Theology in Motion CD-R (spoken word) Ltd. 11

Upcoming Releases:

dsxxx Amputer debut C-60 (experimentaldrone/sound collage) TBA

ds006 NRYY/Invisible Waves - Split C-60 (harsh noise) TBA...(a 2nd pressing, this time in tape form, long live magnetic tape & the dreams of luigi russolo!)

dsxxx Morpeth - Empty Inside CD-R (harsh noise from Poland) TBA

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