Monday, July 18, 2011

OUT NOW: Swim Ignorant Fire - Last Days CD-R

Out now: Last Days by Swim Ignorant Fire. Our most ambitious release yet is a mature collection of lush soundscapes from guitar loop guru Swim Ignorant Fire. With prickly, melodic guitar alongside waves of ambient noise moving at glacier-like speed, Last Days grazes you with a cinder block then knocks you down with a feather. Last Days follows a well-received split 7"/CDEP with GK released in 2009 on God Sags His Pants Records. But whereas the split with GK began slow and ended with a wild, blurt-and-bleep sonic rocker, Last Days is more epic, monolithic, more drone-oriented, and certainly more cohesive than its predecessor. Professional production and mastering by Rob Kleiner. Packaged in jewel case with handmade cyanotype cover. Limited pressing of 75 copies including 5 deluxe versions packaged in acid-soaked cyanotype cover and featuring a bonus disc of material (two tracks from a split with Count Brent & one previously unreleased track). Promo copies serviced to college stations in the following markets: Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas & Louisiana.

RIYL: Bernhard Gunter, Shifts, Papa M, Daniel Lanois, Mogwai, Brothomstates, Thrones, Roy Montgomery, Trembling Blue Stars, Earth, Nadja, Pan Sonic, Explosions in the Sky, Aube, Our Glassie Azoth, Funki Porcini, etc...

Upcoming Shows:

August 19th
Phyllis's Musical Inn
w/ Sleep Static
Chicago, IL

August 26th
Empty Bottle
w/ Six Organs of Admittance
Chicago, IL

September 6th
Beat Kitchen
w/ Harps of Tartarus
Cloud Mouth

Chicago, IL

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