Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Upcoming releases to be available very soon (within the next month):


(ds011) Bruce the Cougar Theology In Motion (word-core)
(ds016) V/A Two Southern Poets (word-core)
(ds018) Boar Award Winning Facelift (harsh noise)

For the spoken word releases (Bruce the Cougar and Two Southern Poets), just some last minute mixing and mastering needs to be done as well as final touches to the artwork.  For the Boar release, still in the process of finishing the artwork and packaging.  Please be patient and stay tuned as we are really excited about these records and eager to get them out!

In the near future (possibly spring 2013):

(ds006) NRYY/Invisible Waves Split (harsh noise/experimental)*
(ds023) Morpeth Empty Inside (Polish harsh noise/drone)

*cassette reissue

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