Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boar - Award Winning Facelift ds018 OUT NOW!!!

TITLE: Award Winning Facelift
GENRE: harsh noise/power electronics

Stellar release from one of the premier noise-core acts out of the Midwest.  Featuring rare compilation tracks and previously unreleased material, Award Winning Facelift showcases Boar’s signature brand of blistering power electronics and microphone terrorism.  A few tracks were recorded some time ago and are just now seeing the light of day, and we here at Dangerous Sounds are privileged to offer them for the first time.  Award Winning Facelift also features 2 tracks from the Year of the Bison (FCR-029) full length, initially released in 2010 through Felt Cat Records and critically acclaimed on numerous underground muzik blogs. Sure to appeal to fans of Masonna, Robochanman, Incapacitants & Hijokaidan, Award Winning Facelift comes packaged in a standard jewel case with a handmade Van Dyke brown cover. Advanced promos serviced to college stations in the following markets: Iowa, Michigan, Washington, Texas and Louisiana.  Ltd 30.

EMAIL/PAYPAL: dangeroussoundsrecs@hotmail.com

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